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It Has to Exist

At least that’s what I keep telling myself. The house we are looking for surely exists…

This one smells like Petco. This driveway is too slanted. This one is next to the sewer plant. This one is on the wrong side of town.

All things I said while house hunting. And will continue to say until an offer is accepted.

For the last 2-3 months we have been looking at houses in our hometown and I honestly thought it would be easier than this. Imagine that. Renting an apartment is so easy. I’ve lived in 3 different apartments in 3 different cities in 3 years. I don’t ever complain about the floorplan and each has had a completely different layout with pros and cons of each. I thought that finding a house would be kind of similar.

I guess it’s just something about a 30 year mortgage instead of a 1 year lease that makes you care a little more.

Things I want a house for: grilling outside, having a dog, attempting a garden (small and with plants that are tough as nails), so I can paint the walls, have a garage, but mostly so I don’t ever have to move all my crap again…at least not for a while.

We found a really cool house from the 70s with a huge stone fireplace, sunroom, walk up BAR and hot tub. I was sold after I saw the bar. I mean think about that conversation piece. There was no space for a kitchen table but who needs a kitchen table when you have a walk up BAR? Anyways, apparently in the 70s people used the toilet and brushed their teeth at the same time. Which in the 2000s we do not do-needless to say we didn’t get the house. But if I ever have the resources to build a custom home you know a walk up BAR will be included.




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A Lesson from the Missionaries of Charity #BISsisterhood Link Up

Praying the rosary isn’t all that hard, but it isn’t all that easy if you are prone to distractions and kneeling on a wood floor.

When I was 15, a group of young girls from my church all loaded in a van with a chaperone and our parish priest and took a “nun run” to visit the Missionaries of Charity (MC) in our state. It was mid-July, a season when most air conditioners would be running full steam ahead.

As soon as we entered the house where the MC’s lived, we noticed the barren appearance and the heat. The MC’s make it a mission to live like the people they serve. I’m sure even the people they served in this area had A/C, but the MC’s did not. What they also lacked was furniture. So for 20 minutes we all kneeled (even the sisters, some of whom had to be at least 70 years old) on the hard, wood floor. Several of our group were wearing shorts and how misfortunate that day…When you’re praying for 20 minutes on the hard, wood floor with no A/C in the middle of July in the South your knees start to slide apart.

Once we were nearing the end of the rosary, we all felt relief that we could sit soon. You see, the MC’s had brought out folding chairs just for us. However, once we ended the rosary and all of us were about to take our seats the lead nun began saying the Chaplet of Divine Mercy. By that point, one member of our group who had a broken tailbone took the opportunity to sit down. As we all looked at each other, we admitted defeat and sat as well.

We learned a lot that day. We learned that sometimes you just have to grin and bear it to grow in holiness. We also learned that sweaty knees and wood floors don’t mix. Most of all we witnessed the joy that comes from a life completely lived for Christ and that rejecting modern-day luxuries can lead to a more full and lasting peace than having A/C and a house full of furniture.

“People who love each other fully and truly are the happiest people in the world. They may have little, they may have nothing, but they are happy people. Everything depends on how we love one another.”   -Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

Linking up for a post about the Communion of Saints with the #BISsisterhood.

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Indecision Aisle

A poem about a trip to the grocery store.

Making a list, checking it twice. No, no. I don’t make lists.

Scan the aisles and throw in what looks healthier than what’s in the fridge.

To eat more healthy or to eat more vitamins?

Picking up a bag of cherries seems like a good idea

Until I get to the self check-out

The cherries must be made of gold.

Eight dollars for two pounds of cherries

No, no put them back that’s entirely too much money

Yes, yes keep them

If you pay eight dollars for cherries you’ll be sure to eat them and then enjoy all the anti-oxidant glory.

Fifty dollars later I have cherries, whole grain wheat waffles (wtheck), and more vitamins.

Indecision for the win.

The end. Stay tuned for more trips to mundane places.

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Is it bad if I lick the toppings off of breadsticks? {A true poem}

Is it bad if I just wanna drink creamer + coffee all day in my pj’s on the couch and not go to work?

Is it bad if I wanna eat 2 Snicker’s Ice Cream bars at a time?

Is it bad if I wanna swim in a pool of noodles?

Is it bad if I sometimes give people gifts that I’d like cause I don’t know what they want?

Is it bad if I only wear my glasses when I feel like it?

Is it bad if I don’t use a level when I hang stuff on the wall?pizza-hut-breadsticks

Is it bad if I live my life according to my own values?

Is it bad if the only thing I’ve every really committed to is marriage?

Is it bad if I lick all the toppings off of breadsticks and don’t eat the rest?

Is it bad if I am my own person?

Is it bad if I live according to my faith as best I can, though imperfect?

Is it bad if I care too much and so sometimes I seem detached?

Is it bad if people judge me because they think I judge them because I embrace a different moral standard?

Is it bad if I use run-on sentences in my own blog?

Is it bad if I care what people think, but not that much?

Is it bad if this is the deepest thing I’ve written on this blog?

Is it?