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Curly hair, don’t care


So if you’ve seen any of my pictures you may realize A) that I’m a Redhead (deserves to be capitalized, for sure) and B) I have curly hair. I’ve had curly hair my whole life and when my mother was in charge of my hair during my years as a wee lass, her only solution (Ha!) to the frizz and curl was to brush the heck out of while blow-drying the curl out of it. What resulted was Diana Ross-esque. I’d say not successful. Unless this is your picture of success.

She even took me to get my hair chopped right below my ears when I was about 10, so you can imagine what that did for my ego, interest in boys, and self-image. Also, thick, curly, frizzy hair doesn’t quite lend itself to just-below-ear haircuts, FYI. I think my mom’s point was to teach me to take care of my own hair…and with that haircut, she succeeded.  Ever since that haircut I’ve been trying various products and techniques to manage my rojo-fro/frojo. I have so many products accumulated from over the years and I wish another curly-locked fellow would have compiled a list of what worked for them and what didn’t so much.  In this PSA to all my frizzy fellows, I’ll tell you about what has been proven to work for me and what has not worked so well.  This is NOT a sponsored post. I’m just a nice curly/frizzy-haired person with time on my hands today.




1) Garnier Fructis Sleek & Shine Intensely Smooth Leave-In Conditioning Cream: This is probably one of the first products I found and it has been a proven winner all along. I’ve been through two of these 10 oz bottles and I’m due to buy another one soon. It has a creamy texture, like a rich conditioner. I apply a quarter to half-dollar amount evenly at the end of my hair when it’s damp. I air-dry my hair and this product tames the frizz and leaves my hair soft and not crunchy. 4/5 stars



2) John Frieda Frizz-Ease Heat Defeat: This product is mainly to be used before applying any sort of heat to the hair, whether through straighteners, wands, or blow-dryers. It smells good, but I don’t see a big difference when I use this product and when I don’t. I want to like Frizz-Ease because it’s supposed to be made especially for frizzy hair. However, this product still leaves a bit of frizz. 2/5 stars


3) Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Sea Salt Spray: I recently picked up this item from Target for about $5, which in my opinion, is a steal for a hair product. I apply this product after showers/when my hair is damp to my whole head, but especially toward the end of my hair. Then I lightly scrunch the hair together. I’ve had several compliments on my hair when using this product. I love how it maintains the waves of my hair, but tames some of the frizz. Key word–some. My hair is still a bit frizzy when I use this product and I notice that the salt dries my hair out a bit, but I have naturally dry hair anyway.  4/5 stars


4) Redken All Soft Argan oil: I was given this product as a gift and had heard all the hype about Argan oil so I figured I’d give it a shot.  I applied it when my hair was damp and noticed that it moisturized my hair, but did not tame frizz at all. To be fair, I don’t think this product is meant to tame frizz but simply to add moisture to hair. So in the arena of moisturizing, this product was good. Taming frizz and sustaining curls–not so much. 2.5/5 stars


5) Garnier Fructis Style Wonder Waves: A fellow ginger turned me on to this product after I complimented her hair and asked her what she was using for her hair to be so radiantly brilliant. In the land of red, curl, and frizz we take all the advice we can get from each other. I have been using this product for about 3 years now and it never fails. In humid weather, in cold weather, in hurricanes–it works the same. It sprays on like a mist. I apply to my toward the end of my hair and all over when my hair is damp. Then I scrunch my hair lightly.  This product does a great job of taming frizz and keeping the waves together, but not crunchy. A warning though: If you spray this too close to your hair or too concentrated in one spot it can make that part of your hair crunchy and appear damp. Overall, this is my second tried and true product. If I’m only taking one hair product on a trip, it’s most likely this one. 4/5 stars


6) Not Your Mother’s Kinky Moves Curl Defining Hair Cream: After mild success with the NYM Beach Babe Sea Salt Spray I talked about earlier I decided to try this cream specifically made for curly hair. It smells de-lish-us-ly like grapes (made with grape see oil). It’s creamy, but also a bit sticky. I applied to my hair with damp, toward the ends. This cream did a great job of taming frizz, but was a bit on the crunchy side if applied too heavily in one area. I still like this product, though, because in the extremely humid weather here in the South, sometimes I want a product that’s a bit more sticky to get a grip on the frizz. 3.5/5 stars

Whew! I hope this helps some poor frizzy, curly haired folk. Those of you that have perfectly tame, straight hair–well, you’re missing out on life on the wild side.

If you’ve tried any of the products above or any other product for curly/wavy/frizzy hair I’d love to hear about it in the comments section! Now go forth and tame the frizz 🙂