Five on Friday and also, it’s been a while

It’s been a while. I’m not sure what keeps me coming back to blogging. Probably because I like to read other blogs and maybe sometimes I like to write. Here are five of my favorites lately.

  1. Terrace House on Netflix

It’s basically a less drama-y Japanese version of Bachelor in Paradise. Men and women live in a house together. Some are there to date, some aren’t. It’s interesting to see how different Japanese culture is from American culture. They seem so polite with all the bowing. And they seem to genuinely care for each other. There’s lots and lots of episode currently, so it’ll keep ya plenty busy.

2. Chic-Fil-A Ice cream

This ice cream is the best ever. And a kid’s cone is like .89…for real. It can’t be beat.

3. Potstickers from Trader Joe’s

Like $3 a bag. Quick and easy and delish dinner. Stock. Up.

4. Tulips

My favorite flower ever. I wish they were available for a reasonable price year round. Something about the simplicity of tulips is really beautiful.

5. Blogs

I’m much better at reading blogs than writing one. As evidenced by my last post being in February 2017. Topic ideas would be appreciated. Also blog recs would be appreciated. And Noony, if you read this, post more. K, thx!


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