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An Ode to Donuts

I think getting a graduate degree says more about a person’s level of perseverance than their intelligence.  Remember sleepovers as a kid? You never went to sleep when you were actually tired.  There was always a point of delirium that came during sleepovers when everyone was giggly.  Stupid things were funny, a cheetoh on the floor was funny–it was straight up delirium and your mind was just struggling to keep up.  That’s grad school.  That delirium where you’re not sure how you’re making sense or if you’re making sense, but you have to write this paper.  You have to pay attention during this 3-hour class…or at least pretend to.  Well, that’s when this poem came to my mind.  During the 3-hour research class, long past the point of delirium came from the depths of my brain (or my belly) An Ode to Donuts. Feast your eyes, people:

Little circle in a circle

full of sugar and fat

All we want is to taste your sweetness

Is that too much to ask?

Layers of bread, icing, and sprinkles

Imagining you I can’t even think-les

Warm, floury goodness tempting us each morn

Oh, hail the day the magical donut was born!