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Sneaking Into My Heart

I’ve never really been a girly girl. And that’s an understatement. I was involved in sports from the age of 4 when, my mom says, she enrolled me in rec league soccer to use up some of my energy. 10 years of soccer followed. There is something about Saturday mornings that will always remind me of soccer tournaments. The anticipation of the game, the wind against my jersey as I ran down the field, the thrill of harnessing your body’s energy and becoming exhausted.

Fast forward to senior year of high school and all my athletic energy was focused on tennis. I had been playing since sophomore year so I noticed when new people joined the team. Well a week or two into senior year this boy asked me for a ride to the off-campus tennis courts. I obliged, but was very cautious of him. Gradually, I began giving him a ride to the courts almost daily. We liked each other, but didn’t know it (obvs). The Heartbreak Kid had just come out and I love romantic comedies so I couldn’t stop talking about that movie.

One day, this boy and I were the last ones left at the tennis courts after practice and he yells across the court, stuttering, and asked me if I’d like to go see The Heartbreak Kid. Of course I would!

“I heard you’re going on a date with Sunny?” “No, we’re going to the m–. Ohhhh….um.” And that’s when I realized I was going on a date with Sunny.

The way to my heart is through romantic comedies, a little sneakiness, and a lot of gummy worms when the R-rated parts became too much for my 17 year old self. Note: The movie was not at all what I had imagined. And neither was Sunny. He snuck  his way right into my heart and his ring right onto my finger.

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Birthday Fest!

This week was basically a non-stop celebration for the love of my life’s birthday. We kicked it off with some Korean BBQ and sushi at a local restaurant with his family. Then for his “real” birthday we celebrated with great friends at another local sushi restaurant. Later we got some delicious drinks at Theo’s. Yesterday we drove to Kansas City where there is a ski resort nearby. Crazy, huh? The snow was pretty slushy and melting but it was Daniel’s first time to ski so he didn’t mind. He did great and got up every time he fell. What a trooper! We went to one of our favorite KC restaurants, Cafe Trio, for dinner and it did not disappoint. This morning we hit up EggsTC for a local breakfast. It was okay–we say 7 of 10 stars. Tonight we’ll round out his birthday celebration with a Chinese acrobatics show at the Walton Arts Center. Overall it’s been a wonderful week to celebrate a wonderful husband.





I think I’m married to a Pokemon addict

Evidence I’m married to a Pokemon addict:

1) He’s in his early 20s and asks for Pokemon games and Nintendo console covers for Christmas (not a tie, not a watch, not candy–just game stuff

2) My 11 yr old cousin is playing the same game in her Nintendo DS

3) He stays up late at night to watch tv, eat snacks, drink beer, play pokemon

4) At one point he had two Ninetendo DS consoles on so he could “trade”…whatever that is

5) He plays Pokemon with his tablet on so he can look up moves or health or something…I have no idea

6) I hide the Nintendo DS periodically so we can get housework done or talk to each other…it’s the simple things

7) When I move the DS from its “normal” location he freaks out until he finds it. Sometime fun to time him 🙂

8) On the plus side, I always have gift ideas (Pokemon game, Pokedex, other Pokemon games)