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See, Go, Do, Be, and Live

As of late I have been feeling the wanderlust bug and it’s biting..hard. I know everyone on earth wishes they could just quit their job and travel, right? But seriously, if YOLO is true, and I’m under the impression that it is, then I don’t wanna spend 40 hours a week behind a desk.

I wanna travel, see, do, go, be, and live.

I want to be inspired and inspire others. I want to do good and inspire positive change. For me, that doesn’t seem possibly from behind a computer. When it comes down to it, though, travel is pretty darn expensive. At least as far as airfare is concerned. Plus I’m too spoiled to enjoy backpacking or staying in hostels so hotels would get expensive fast.

Also, I want to ask those crazy awesome travel bloggers who gave you the kahunas to quit your job and travel? And where can I buy some? Or maybe borrow some seeing as how I’m trying to save money to travel…

You know that book “Oh, the Places You’ll Go?” Well, I feel like kids shouldn’t read that until they’ve read “Oh, the Long Hours at Work” and “Oh, the Bills You’ll Pay.” Only after they have a grip on reality can they dream.

But maybe that’s the problem. Maybe the grip on reality is just the most common reality, but not everyone’s reality. I bet some people are content to work 40+ hours a week and have a nice house and a bunch of bills, but have stability. Stability is nice, I won’t challenge that.

But is stability everything? Is it worth more than adventure and travel and exploring the world? Everything comes at a cost. Figuratively and literally.

It’s easy to tell other people, “Follow your dreams! Go and do what makes you happy even if you have to quit your job to find it.” It’s easy because there’s no risk involved for us. We’re just inspiring others. But when the risk is mine–that’s when reality sinks in.

So if anyone has any ideas on how to travel and be financially sustainable, enlighten me in the comments section below! I’ve thought of teaching English abroad, but I want to travel…not have a job where I’m tied down to one spot.