Not All Who Wander are Lost

Not all who wander are lost. I’ve heard that saying and it makes me think… those wanderers are probably the most free people on the planet. They’re not lost because they have no destination. How could they be lost?

I was talking with a friend last night who is from a country in Europe and moved here about a year ago. She was lamenting the fact that in America there is pressure to have a big house and a nice car and everyone looks the same. She said that it scared her. And as I got to thinking more about it, it scared me too.

I’ve lived in an apartment for over 2 years now and while I hate not having a space to own and renovate that’s free from stomping around on my roof, I must admit that I enjoy the freedom of not owning a house. I pay rent and utilities. That’s pretty much it for this place. What’s the benefit of owning a huge home if you can’t travel as often because you’re spending the majority of your money to live somewhere?

Which brings me to my next point: travel. I don’t know if this is a common sentiment or not, but I feel like there’s more to life than 8-5 work. I would love to be exploring tiny little cobblestone streets in Italy, eating Belgian chocolates fresh from the candy maker, or riding an elephant on the beach in Thailand.

With two weeks of vacation time per year I just don’t see how anyone can take time to enjoy a nice excursion.

My travel goals:

1-Rome, Italy to enjoy 3 hour meals, wine, and architecture

2-Kyoto, Japan to enjoy traditions, tea, and cute packaging

3-Greece, Spain, Laos, Thailand, France,

4-anywhere and everywhere, mostly.

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See, Go, Do, Be, and Live

As of late I have been feeling the wanderlust bug and it’s biting..hard. I know everyone on earth wishes they could just quit their job and travel, right? But seriously, if YOLO is true, and I’m under the impression that it is, then I don’t wanna spend 40 hours a week behind a desk.

I wanna travel, see, do, go, be, and live.

I want to be inspired and inspire others. I want to do good and inspire positive change. For me, that doesn’t seem possibly from behind a computer. When it comes down to it, though, travel is pretty darn expensive. At least as far as airfare is concerned. Plus I’m too spoiled to enjoy backpacking or staying in hostels so hotels would get expensive fast.

Also, I want to ask those crazy awesome travel bloggers who gave you the kahunas to quit your job and travel? And where can I buy some? Or maybe borrow some seeing as how I’m trying to save money to travel…

You know that book “Oh, the Places You’ll Go?” Well, I feel like kids shouldn’t read that until they’ve read “Oh, the Long Hours at Work” and “Oh, the Bills You’ll Pay.” Only after they have a grip on reality can they dream.

But maybe that’s the problem. Maybe the grip on reality is just the most common reality, but not everyone’s reality. I bet some people are content to work 40+ hours a week and have a nice house and a bunch of bills, but have stability. Stability is nice, I won’t challenge that.

But is stability everything? Is it worth more than adventure and travel and exploring the world? Everything comes at a cost. Figuratively and literally.

It’s easy to tell other people, “Follow your dreams! Go and do what makes you happy even if you have to quit your job to find it.” It’s easy because there’s no risk involved for us. We’re just inspiring others. But when the risk is mine–that’s when reality sinks in.

So if anyone has any ideas on how to travel and be financially sustainable, enlighten me in the comments section below! I’ve thought of teaching English abroad, but I want to travel…not have a job where I’m tied down to one spot.


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7QT: Random in Tandem- Thoughts from my mind (cause where else would they come from)

My nephew-cat when he was a kitten. Disclaimer: Not related to post.

My nephew-cat when he was a kitten. Disclaimer: Not related to post.

1.  World Cup, ya’ll! I haven’t watched any of it yet because I don’t have cable and I can’t find it on any of the 9 channels I get. Don’t feel sorry for me, I could look up the live stream online.

2. We’re moving and packing is not fun. I’m staring at 7 boxes, 4 trash bags, and 3 luggage pieces full of about 1/13th of our possessions and wishing it was all of them.  If you ever start to feel that you’re a minimalist or at least not high maintenance just pack your stuff.  Then you’ll  see how many things you don’t need, you don’t use, and you actually don’t find sentimental.

3. Jamericans. That’s what we were for 6 days last week. I’ll write more about the Ja-honeymoon shortly.

4. Edy’s Drumstick Ice Cream. If you like Drumsticks (the ice cream cone with a chocolate-dipped vanilla scoop covered in nuts) then you’ll love this ice cream even more. Not kidding, I’m not the biggest fan of ice cream but this…This was the best ice cream I’ve tried to date (not as in I tried to date the ice cream–as in it’s the best ever and I could eat the whole carton with no hands/bobbing for apples style).

5. Let it go! Let it goooo! That song from Frozen isn’t so annoying now that I’ve seen (most of) the movie. It’s actually really good, but I have a bad habit of falling asleep during movies we watch at home. The music is nice and well composed.

6. Ginger ale is mucho delicioso. Especially from a can and poured over ice.  It’s crisp and refreshing and I recommend enjoying a glass at least once a week. Whenever I drink ginger ale and eat pretzels it reminds me of flying on a plane and going on vacation..all happy thoughts.

7. Speaking of vacation and traveling, I have always felt that I’d rather live in a smaller home and take more vacations than live in a large home and rarely go on vacation. Next up on my wanderlust list are (in no real order): Italy, Thailand, Sweden, Laos, Japan, Bali, India…the list could go on forever.

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