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That Uncertain Path

Sometimes the best lessons in patience require impatience. Such went the process of finding and buying our first home. But now, looking back I can’t believe that we’ve almost lived in our first home for a year. All the stress and wondering if we would ever find something….and now this–to pinching ourselves that we own a home…and a dog!

In the midst of the stress and trial and searching and wondering it’s all too easy to be consumed with what-ifs. What if we never find the right home? What if we have to settle for less than what we want? What if we have to renew our apartment lease and lose money? What if the appraisal comes back low? What if the house doesn’t pass inspection?

There’s so much uncertainty in life. Even for something as seemingly small in the scheme of life as buying your first home, it’s fraught with uncertainty. The stress we place on ourselves, the pressure to get what we want or achieve something or find success. It can be extrapolated to every instance in life.

Who are we trying to please? Towards what are we directing our “achievement?” By whose standards am I measuring my success?

This last year has been one of tremendous growth for D and I. Managing a household certainly comes with its challenges-keeping the yard mowed, landscaping, keeping the dog alive, bills, decorating, fixing things. However, we have grown in the area of moving in harmony. We have built upon our knowledge of the other, being able to almost finish sentences and read what the other is thinking.

Best of all, we have done it together. He and I, we chose this house we have now made our home. We painstakingly weeded out many, many paint colors that, quite frankly, all looked the same. We agreed upon a carpet color/style. We toiled at the earth with our dueling lawn mowers and shovels and rakes. We had the help of family-my mother helped paint the laundry room one day with me while D was away, my father came with me to the carpet quote to make sure I wasn’t getting ripped off, D’s mother spent countless hours in our garden and helping us extend our back patio, his uncle helped create our front flower garden.

All the uncertainty of one year ago led to this moment in time. All the stress and agonizing over the multitude of decision that had to be made in a short amount of time brought us to our new home. Now, looking back, I wouldn’t change a thing. That uncertain path led us to this present.

“All the wealth in the world cannot be compared with the happiness of living together happily united.” – Blessed Margaret d’Youville


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It Has to Exist

At least that’s what I keep telling myself. The house we are looking for surely exists…

This one smells like Petco. This driveway is too slanted. This one is next to the sewer plant. This one is on the wrong side of town.

All things I said while house hunting. And will continue to say until an offer is accepted.

For the last 2-3 months we have been looking at houses in our hometown and I honestly thought it would be easier than this. Imagine that. Renting an apartment is so easy. I’ve lived in 3 different apartments in 3 different cities in 3 years. I don’t ever complain about the floorplan and each has had a completely different layout with pros and cons of each. I thought that finding a house would be kind of similar.

I guess it’s just something about a 30 year mortgage instead of a 1 year lease that makes you care a little more.

Things I want a house for: grilling outside, having a dog, attempting a garden (small and with plants that are tough as nails), so I can paint the walls, have a garage, but mostly so I don’t ever have to move all my crap again…at least not for a while.

We found a really cool house from the 70s with a huge stone fireplace, sunroom, walk up BAR and hot tub. I was sold after I saw the bar. I mean think about that conversation piece. There was no space for a kitchen table but who needs a kitchen table when you have a walk up BAR? Anyways, apparently in the 70s people used the toilet and brushed their teeth at the same time. Which in the 2000s we do not do-needless to say we didn’t get the house. But if I ever have the resources to build a custom home you know a walk up BAR will be included.




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Indecision Aisle

A poem about a trip to the grocery store.

Making a list, checking it twice. No, no. I don’t make lists.

Scan the aisles and throw in what looks healthier than what’s in the fridge.

To eat more healthy or to eat more vitamins?

Picking up a bag of cherries seems like a good idea

Until I get to the self check-out

The cherries must be made of gold.

Eight dollars for two pounds of cherries

No, no put them back that’s entirely too much money

Yes, yes keep them

If you pay eight dollars for cherries you’ll be sure to eat them and then enjoy all the anti-oxidant glory.

Fifty dollars later I have cherries, whole grain wheat waffles (wtheck), and more vitamins.

Indecision for the win.

The end. Stay tuned for more trips to mundane places.

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7 Quick Takes

Since I haven’t been keeping up with the blog like I should, here are 7 quick takes to fuel the bloggin’ fire:

1. We moved back to our hometown about a month ago and we haven’t looked back yet. There is just something about your hometown that’s cozy. And then when you move back after 10 months away there’s a small sense of newness–new restaurants, new streets (we’re from a town of about 80,000), new concert venues (!). We’re loving it so far!

2. I’ve been unemployed for a month now, since moving and unpacking. The boxes are all unpacked and put away so I thought it was time for a new hobby. Ancestry.com was calling my name so I signed up for a 2 week trial and it has been simply amazing. So neat to trace back my ancestors to Sweden, Germany, Belgium, and Scotland. I’ve found draft papers for several of the men in my family who fought in the Revolutionary War and World War I. The actual documents are, in some cases, scanned in so I’ve even seen some of their signatures.

3. I went on a small shopping spree Friday and got two candles for the apartment. Bath and Body Works was having 50% off selected candles so I got a pink lemonade candle and some kind of verbena-lemon scented candle. Candles are just so much more aesthetically pleasing than plug-ins. The risk of leaving the candle burning is worth the romantic reward.

4. I tried a new beer last weekend that’s super delish. It’s called Stiegl Grapefruit and it’s summer in a bottle. Super fruity and lighter than most beers. Hence, the only reasons I like it.

5. On that note, you should know that I don’t like to drink beer, generally speaking. I like more fruity rum drinks and mimosas. And the beach. And sunsets. And if we’re going down this path, sunscreen.

6. My grandma gave me an ice cream/sorbet maker that I’ll probably never use. But it’s nice to get new stuff for free and think “what if I want to make my own ice cream for $15 worth of ingredients versus $3 from the store?” Now I can waste time AND money making ice cream at home. Bet you couldn’t have thought of that.

7. I’m currently binge-watching The Mindy Project on Hulu Plus. It’s hilar. I usually don’t laugh out loud when something’s funny but I totally have a few times already with TMP.

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See, Go, Do, Be, and Live

As of late I have been feeling the wanderlust bug and it’s biting..hard. I know everyone on earth wishes they could just quit their job and travel, right? But seriously, if YOLO is true, and I’m under the impression that it is, then I don’t wanna spend 40 hours a week behind a desk.

I wanna travel, see, do, go, be, and live.

I want to be inspired and inspire others. I want to do good and inspire positive change. For me, that doesn’t seem possibly from behind a computer. When it comes down to it, though, travel is pretty darn expensive. At least as far as airfare is concerned. Plus I’m too spoiled to enjoy backpacking or staying in hostels so hotels would get expensive fast.

Also, I want to ask those crazy awesome travel bloggers who gave you the kahunas to quit your job and travel? And where can I buy some? Or maybe borrow some seeing as how I’m trying to save money to travel…

You know that book “Oh, the Places You’ll Go?” Well, I feel like kids shouldn’t read that until they’ve read “Oh, the Long Hours at Work” and “Oh, the Bills You’ll Pay.” Only after they have a grip on reality can they dream.

But maybe that’s the problem. Maybe the grip on reality is just the most common reality, but not everyone’s reality. I bet some people are content to work 40+ hours a week and have a nice house and a bunch of bills, but have stability. Stability is nice, I won’t challenge that.

But is stability everything? Is it worth more than adventure and travel and exploring the world? Everything comes at a cost. Figuratively and literally.

It’s easy to tell other people, “Follow your dreams! Go and do what makes you happy even if you have to quit your job to find it.” It’s easy because there’s no risk involved for us. We’re just inspiring others. But when the risk is mine–that’s when reality sinks in.

So if anyone has any ideas on how to travel and be financially sustainable, enlighten me in the comments section below! I’ve thought of teaching English abroad, but I want to travel…not have a job where I’m tied down to one spot.


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An unconventional movie review: Interstellar





 About two weeks ago D and I went to the movie theater on a Tuesday to see Interstellar. Our local theater has $5 tickets on Tuesdays and five bucks is just the right price for us cheapies to go to the movie. As we were paying for our tickets, the guy working the counter asked us to choose our seats. Inside I was thinking this must be some new procedure because too many hoodrat kids are sneaking into different movies.

We humored him and chose our seats, not fully intending on sitting there specifically. Once we walked into the theater we totally understood the whole choosing seats thing. They had replaced the old standard stadium seats with leather, automatic recliners! After high-fiving, we decided we had to buy popcorn. I mean, how else can you sit in a leather recliner and watch a movie?

Without giving too much away, Interstellar was one of the best quality movies I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s kind of a sci-fi movie but not as nerdy. With a cast like Matthew McConaghey (spelling? I don’t care..you know who he is), Jessica Chastain, and loads of other famous people this movie could not fail. The plot was great. Normally, I’m the type of annoying wifey at home that’s always guessing out loud what happens next and my patient husband puts up with it.

Now that I think about it this is probably why he takes me to the movie theater..so that I’ll shut up! But Interstellar is the sort of movie that shuts down an annoying plot-guesser like me. I would make my predictions in my head and they were so wrong. Every time. In a good way.

This movie made us think..like philosophical stuff that gave us headaches. It’s the type of movie that rocks your world and you have no choice but to think about things. But usually when I have high expectations things never work out. So, scratch what I said earlier. Just see the movie. It might be good, or it might not. FIfty-fifty odds.

Did you see Interstellar? What did you think? Did it blow your mind like it did mine? Drop me a comment and let’s talk philosophies with no degrees.



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