Seventeen, Sweet Seventeen

A sweet love, a sweet romance

Seventeen, sweet seventeen

The joys of life, the energy of youth

Dinners, movies, walks around the square all alight

A car ride, a profession, a question

Officially in love as seventeen can be

Days, months, years of pure joy

Loss, laughter, life lived together

Toes in the sand, waves crashing all around

A kneel, a ring, a question

Tears of joy overflowing, a new journey imagined

Dinner overlooking the vast blue

Lost order, but nothing could quell the joy

A free Mai Tai, an unmovable smile, a love to last a lifetime

Planning songs, choosing a dress, decorating for the affair

Eleven months of preparation culminate in an hour

Nerves and weakness engulf as the reality of a forever commitment sets in

A walk down the aisle, an exchange of vows, and a prayer

Life together, love forever, the journey continues