everyday life

Indecision Aisle

A poem about a trip to the grocery store.

Making a list, checking it twice. No, no. I don’t make lists.

Scan the aisles and throw in what looks healthier than what’s in the fridge.

To eat more healthy or to eat more vitamins?

Picking up a bag of cherries seems like a good idea

Until I get to the self check-out

The cherries must be made of gold.

Eight dollars for two pounds of cherries

No, no put them back that’s entirely too much money

Yes, yes keep them

If you pay eight dollars for cherries you’ll be sure to eat them and then enjoy all the anti-oxidant glory.

Fifty dollars later I have cherries, whole grain wheat waffles (wtheck), and more vitamins.

Indecision for the win.

The end. Stay tuned for more trips to mundane places.

everyday life

Is it bad if I lick the toppings off of breadsticks? {A true poem}

Is it bad if I just wanna drink creamer + coffee all day in my pj’s on the couch and not go to work?

Is it bad if I wanna eat 2 Snicker’s Ice Cream bars at a time?

Is it bad if I wanna swim in a pool of noodles?

Is it bad if I sometimes give people gifts that I’d like cause I don’t know what they want?

Is it bad if I only wear my glasses when I feel like it?

Is it bad if I don’t use a level when I hang stuff on the wall?pizza-hut-breadsticks

Is it bad if I live my life according to my own values?

Is it bad if the only thing I’ve every really committed to is marriage?

Is it bad if I lick all the toppings off of breadsticks and don’t eat the rest?

Is it bad if I am my own person?

Is it bad if I live according to my faith as best I can, though imperfect?

Is it bad if I care too much and so sometimes I seem detached?

Is it bad if people judge me because they think I judge them because I embrace a different moral standard?

Is it bad if I use run-on sentences in my own blog?

Is it bad if I care what people think, but not that much?

Is it bad if this is the deepest thing I’ve written on this blog?

Is it?


Seventeen, Sweet Seventeen

A sweet love, a sweet romance

Seventeen, sweet seventeen

The joys of life, the energy of youth

Dinners, movies, walks around the square all alight

A car ride, a profession, a question

Officially in love as seventeen can be

Days, months, years of pure joy

Loss, laughter, life lived together

Toes in the sand, waves crashing all around

A kneel, a ring, a question

Tears of joy overflowing, a new journey imagined

Dinner overlooking the vast blue

Lost order, but nothing could quell the joy

A free Mai Tai, an unmovable smile, a love to last a lifetime

Planning songs, choosing a dress, decorating for the affair

Eleven months of preparation culminate in an hour

Nerves and weakness engulf as the reality of a forever commitment sets in

A walk down the aisle, an exchange of vows, and a prayer

Life together, love forever, the journey continues