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An unconventional movie review: Interstellar





 About two weeks ago D and I went to the movie theater on a Tuesday to see Interstellar. Our local theater has $5 tickets on Tuesdays and five bucks is just the right price for us cheapies to go to the movie. As we were paying for our tickets, the guy working the counter asked us to choose our seats. Inside I was thinking this must be some new procedure because too many hoodrat kids are sneaking into different movies.

We humored him and chose our seats, not fully intending on sitting there specifically. Once we walked into the theater we totally understood the whole choosing seats thing. They had replaced the old standard stadium seats with leather, automatic recliners! After high-fiving, we decided we had to buy popcorn. I mean, how else can you sit in a leather recliner and watch a movie?

Without giving too much away, Interstellar was one of the best quality movies I’ve ever seen in my life. It’s kind of a sci-fi movie but not as nerdy. With a cast like Matthew McConaghey (spelling? I don’t care..you know who he is), Jessica Chastain, and loads of other famous people this movie could not fail. The plot was great. Normally, I’m the type of annoying wifey at home that’s always guessing out loud what happens next and my patient husband puts up with it.

Now that I think about it this is probably why he takes me to the movie theater..so that I’ll shut up! But Interstellar is the sort of movie that shuts down an annoying plot-guesser like me. I would make my predictions in my head and they were so wrong. Every time. In a good way.

This movie made us think..like philosophical stuff that gave us headaches. It’s the type of movie that rocks your world and you have no choice but to think about things. But usually when I have high expectations things never work out. So, scratch what I said earlier. Just see the movie. It might be good, or it might not. FIfty-fifty odds.

Did you see Interstellar? What did you think? Did it blow your mind like it did mine? Drop me a comment and let’s talk philosophies with no degrees.