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7 Quick Takes

Since I haven’t been keeping up with the blog like I should, here are 7 quick takes to fuel the bloggin’ fire:

1. We moved back to our hometown about a month ago and we haven’t looked back yet. There is just something about your hometown that’s cozy. And then when you move back after 10 months away there’s a small sense of newness–new restaurants, new streets (we’re from a town of about 80,000), new concert venues (!). We’re loving it so far!

2. I’ve been unemployed for a month now, since moving and unpacking. The boxes are all unpacked and put away so I thought it was time for a new hobby. Ancestry.com was calling my name so I signed up for a 2 week trial and it has been simply amazing. So neat to trace back my ancestors to Sweden, Germany, Belgium, and Scotland. I’ve found draft papers for several of the men in my family who fought in the Revolutionary War and World War I. The actual documents are, in some cases, scanned in so I’ve even seen some of their signatures.

3. I went on a small shopping spree Friday and got two candles for the apartment. Bath and Body Works was having 50% off selected candles so I got a pink lemonade candle and some kind of verbena-lemon scented candle. Candles are just so much more aesthetically pleasing than plug-ins. The risk of leaving the candle burning is worth the romantic reward.

4. I tried a new beer last weekend that’s super delish. It’s called Stiegl Grapefruit and it’s summer in a bottle. Super fruity and lighter than most beers. Hence, the only reasons I like it.

5. On that note, you should know that I don’t like to drink beer, generally speaking. I like more fruity rum drinks and mimosas. And the beach. And sunsets. And if we’re going down this path, sunscreen.

6. My grandma gave me an ice cream/sorbet maker that I’ll probably never use. But it’s nice to get new stuff for free and think “what if I want to make my own ice cream for $15 worth of ingredients versus $3 from the store?” Now I can waste time AND money making ice cream at home. Bet you couldn’t have thought of that.

7. I’m currently binge-watching The Mindy Project on Hulu Plus. It’s hilar. I usually don’t laugh out loud when something’s funny but I totally have a few times already with TMP.

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