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5 thing I hate about titles like this

Is it just me or is it some kind of trend right now to put numbers in article titles?

Life can never be simplified to numerics. 3 ways to get your dream job, 5 food you must eat to be healthy, 7 tips for college success… Have we totally just removed our brains and decided to stop thinking for ourselves?

How about charting your own path? How about blazing a new trail, taking the leap into the unknown, embracing change, adventure, uncertainty, and the spirit of a life lived to the fullest?

Create your own path. Be your own captain. Find out what works for you and put it into action.


2 thoughts on “5 thing I hate about titles like this

  1. I have never found these lists to be very helpful. Given that the average blog reader has a 5-minute attention span (a stat I made up but can’t possibly be far from the truth), lists are more palatable than a nice piece of prose that may take you a little longer to read and digest. So it works to get page views, I suppose. Rarely is there any real meat to such a title.

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