7QT: Snow Cones, Donuts, and Mai Tais…Not in that order.

1. We are moving to a different city/state tomorrow.  Eeek! I have lived in this same small (relatively small-70,000) town my whole life.  I consider myself more of a “city” person so Daniel and I wanted to explore life in an unfamiliar place.  Complacency has a way of snuffing out the wonder and excitement of ordinary life.  So, in the spirit of kicking complacency here we are–moving about 2 hours away. The first time I’ve ever lived anywhere other than this “small town.”

2. I don’t know if I said this last week or not, but if you ever think you’re “low maintenance” or “slightly minimalist” pack all your belongings. Pack them and then look around at all the items you haven’t used or could do without.  I’d say about 60-70% of our belongings get used regularly..maybe even only 50%. Moving has been a reality check–no, we’re not “low maintenance” in case you were wondering.

3. The USA is still in the World Cup with a tough match on Sunday with Portugal. Which reminds me–I love soccer so much. I started playing at age 4 and then on a traveling team at age 11. At age 14 I quit soccer because we got a new coach who made us bring our running shoes to practice. If there’s one thing that I do not like to do it’s running. So I quit. I took up tennis instead. The court’s smaller = less running. Oh, and you don’t have to have 21 other people to play tennis.  But I still love soccer. I remember the glory days of my soccer-filled youth. I have fresh in my mind the feeling of kickoff at the first game of a tournament.  Early morning, slightly chilly, dew on the ground, excitement in the air, my stomach would always fill with butterflies and I could never eat breakfast. Then, the whistle blows and we start running down the field and our jerseys would be blowing in the wind.  I’ll never forget it.

4. I’m interested in genealogy and I always try to guess what nationality someone’s last name is.  It’s also interesting to hear all the different countries that make up a person’s heritage so I’ll share mine.  From what I know so far, my maiden name Kirkland is Scottish of the Maxwell clan. My father’s family has Scottish and Native American heritage (again, what I know so far). My mother’s side has Swedish, Belgian, and German ancestry. Imagine all the people that had to be born and come together so that I would be here today.

5. Snow cones are in season! Last summer I didn’t eat a single snow cone. Yesterday I had my first snow cone of the season and I’ll definitely be back. I had Cactus Juice, a mix of mango, pineapple, and blue raspberry. So delicious!

6. For some reason donuts just came to my mind. I’m getting a hair cut today so maybe I’ll grab a donut afterwards.  That’d be a nice reward for not crying during the hair cut. Even thought I haven’t done that since I was 2. But alas, still a reason for a donut.

7. Last night we went to a Japanese hibachi restaurant, though we never dine at the hibachi-just the regular seating. Daniel ordered a bottle of sake and didn’t finish it all so we put it in my purse and snuck it out.  That’s probably the riskiest thing I’ve done in a while.  It probably helped that I had a quite strong Mai Tai so I didn’t care too much about being “risky.”

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Mai Tai- mai favorite

Mai Tai- mai favorite

Handsome with his sake

Handsome with his sake

Our view from the restaurant patio

Our view from the restaurant patio


6 thoughts on “7QT: Snow Cones, Donuts, and Mai Tais…Not in that order.

    • Thank you! I’m thinking about doing a major “Spring cleaning” and discerning 1/3 of my belongings that I can donate. The amount of stuff we don’t use, yet keep around is ridic. and needs to go.

  1. Interesting. My maiden name is Swedish – and my dad’s side is Swedish, Belgian, & German (exactly like your mom’s side!). My mom is super into genealogy and can trace our family tree on her side for hundreds of years!

  2. I played soccer too, but only during high school. I am pretty sure we ran more than the track team. Definitely more than the football team. I hate running as well. As far as genealogy goes, I wish I could trace my family tree further back than grandparents. Everyone who knows anything is dead or doesn’t remember.

    • Yes, soccer players run so much! And our coaches used it as punishment so it’s been hard to take up jogging as a hobby! And Daniel doesn’t know much about his family either. My family can trace genealogy back for a while on both sides, but I think it’s more important for us than for first generation folks.

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