Short attention span + wanting to maintain a blog = 7 Quick Takes



*unrelated photo of Daniel and I from our Senior Prom*

There’s a first time for everything-including a 7 Quick Takes post link-up with Jen Fulwiler (fellow awesome Catholic Redhead) at Conversion Diary

Lack of inspiration/motivation for writing in this blog. Why do I love love love reading blogs so much, but then feel lazy and super unmotivated to write in my own? Maybe because writing reminds me of school…and of that I am d-u-n. 

2.  Is it bad when you are trying to vacuum the tile in your kitchen in barefeet and then you keep stepping on crumbs so you have to wipe your feet on the nearest rug in order to get the crumb of your foot and into the vacuum? I think it’s a sign that I’m at least 20 days overdue on vacuuming.  PS vacuuming is the easiest way I’ve found to clean the kitchen tile. Try it sometime.

3. On the cleaning note (what do you expect–my days are full of blogs, tv, and sometimes/not a lot of times cleaning) I remembered that I bought some generic Cleaning Erasers (like Mr. Clean Magic Erasers) and thought I’d test ’em out on the ol’ tub.  Well, if you ever want to see how not-clean your bathtub is, give the Magic Eraser a whirl.  You’ll feel disgusted.  And then after that you’ll feel a bit satisfied that it’s now cleaner than you ever thought it could be because you thought it was already clean to begin with.

4. Lao food. My husband is Laotian (Laos is in between Thailand and Vietnam–now you’ve heard of it) and we wanted to make some traditional noodle soup called Kao Piak Sien. My mom never really cook growing up, much less made any type of anything from scratch. So, alas, Daniel and I made homemade noodles and I now have a greater appreciation for any kind of homemade noodle.  But they turned out delish, so it was worth it.

5. I’m sitting here watching my brand new Melon Colada candle flicker and soaking up/smelling up all the deliciousness I can get and dreaming of the beach. I love the beach. I think my soul was created from ocean water and sand, but then I’m a redhead and we definitely don’t come from the sunny shores of anywhere. If we did, our skin wouldn’t revolt every time it saw the sun.

6. I’ve been on this kick for about 2-3 months where I like to put Mio (that flavor stuff that you squirt into water to make it actually taste good) into my water (redundant? who cares). Supposedly zero calorie, zero carb, zero sugar, zero everything. When labels say 0 next to every ingredient I just wonder what IS in this stuff? Anyways, if I drink more water because of the stuff then it can’t be that bad for me.

7. I like this whole 7 quick takes thing because my mind can’t stay on one subject for long.  This format works well for this short attention span.


5 thoughts on “Short attention span + wanting to maintain a blog = 7 Quick Takes

  1. I feel ya with the short attention span! :-p
    Your beach candle sounds amazing. I think the fruity candles smell more like the beach, or the idea of the beach, than the candles with actual “beach” smells… what do you think?

  2. Once you have enough time away from grad school writing, your willingness to write will come back to you… I think. At least, that’s what happened to me. My professor tried to get me to publish my thesis right after graduation and I was like, No way, Jose. Do you know what kind of effort that will require? Anyway, I like this “7 quick things” thing. Might have to steal. 🙂

    • You’re totally welcome to steal! It’s actually a link-up with the blog Conversion Diary by Jen Fulwiler so if you want a bit more publicity for the blog you can go to her website and link your post with hers–it’s fairly easy (especially if I could figure it out ;)). And publishing a thesis–ugh! I’ve started reading for pleasure again and I wanted to recommend a book to you called The Spirit Catches You and You Fall Down by Anne Fadiman. It’s nonfiction about a Hmong girl who has epilepsy and how her refugee family navigates life and the medical system in the US. Has some good info about the covert war in Laos.

      • I read that book while in undergrad. 🙂 Thanks for mentioning it. I actually want to get it for my bookshelf and read it again. Such a perfect example of how anthropology and public health are interrelated.

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