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Procrastinating My Way through Grad School–Six blogs at a time

Maybe this is a little-know fact, but I love to read blogs way more than I love the write them. I started reading blogs about 2 years ago and during grad school it was a great way for me to procrastinate even longer. I found one blog that I liked and then started reading the blogs she was linked up with and it definitely snowballed/spiraled out of control from there. There are basically two categories of blogs that I like to follow: 1) musings from everyday life–especially from fellow married Catholic authors 2) musings about everyday life with a cultural spin

Blogs from Category 1/Catholic authors:
Grace at Camp Patton writes about her hilarious and stylish tots. I love her sense of humor and ability to look so so decent and stylish while raising 4 adorable children.
Stephanie over at Bluebird Songs writes about living out her Catholic faith all while moving *frequently* and raising the cutest Korean-Caucasian baby I ever did see.
Katie writes at The Rhodes Log which is one of my newest blog favorites. She and her husband keep bees which just speaks to their level of bravery and thrill for adventure.

Category 2/Cultural (Meaning Laotian-authored :)) Blogs:
Noony at From Laos with Love has become a fast friend through blogging. She is an excellent writer and writes about daily life as well as the history of Lao refugees. She, too, has an amazing sense of humor and bravery considering she is near spiders and snakes on a regular basis…on purpose.
Little Laos on the Prairie is a collection of authors who write about all things Lao. From highlighting the Lao Diaspora in Minnesota to 10 Things to Know for Lao New Year, this blog is Lao’trageously cool.
Theek from The Laotian Commotion writes frankly and hilariously about life with two toddlers. Her children are super-cute Caucasian-Lao entertainers (well, they keep me laughing anyway) and give me hope for my own half-Lao kids one day.

Check out these cool blogs that inspire me to write me and helped me procrastinate my way through grad school!DSC_0239




5 thoughts on “Procrastinating My Way through Grad School–Six blogs at a time

  1. Thanks for the shout-out and also for leading me to other Laotian-American writers! I am going to check out Little Laos on the Prairie for sure. Congratulations on graduating. That last photo is absolutely adorable. Enjoy not having to study!

    • Totally welcome! You’ll like LLotP. They have a diverse set of posts. I’m going to soak up all this free time and remember it one day when I don’t have any ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Hey, I’ve just seen that you added our blog on your good reads list — thank you so much! Also, so sorry we aided your procrastination:)

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