Eleven: in which one stands by one

Today is a wonderful day, indeed. Besides the fact that I woke up and the sun is shining, there are two more reasons why this day is fabulous.

1) I am officially done with graduate school and will “walk” in a week and a half. Can you say H-E-double hockey sticks Yea?!

2) Daniel and I celebrate 11 months of marriage today. How crazy is that?! (I know, I’m fond of the ‘?!’)

In honor of e-le-ven whole months of marriage I’d like to give a sort of “State of the Union” on our marriage so I can look back one day and see how easy we had it.

One of the biggest adjustments, personally, since I can’t necessarily speak for D is living with another person, sharing money, and keeping the guest room clean-ish. Knowing where my clothes versus his clothes would go was relatively simple–I got all the convenient space for clothes and he got what was leftover. Sharing money has been challenging in that our budgeting styles are different. And we only realized this about two weeks ago. Woops! We are both savers, but we splurge for different things. Me for a Gap sale and D for a nice sushi meal. The guest room has been probably THE biggest struggle of our marriage thus far. It should be called the dungeon because we have black-out curtains hanging in there so it’s always dark and we usually just open the door to throw something in.

I would describe these first 11 months as filled with joy, sacrifice, laughter, a few tears, and mostly the realization that we will probably never cook on a daily basis, but if we need to eat D can season the heck out of any meat known to man (in a good way) and I’m not too shabby with whipping up some frozen vegetables. In all seriousness, we comment unceasingly that we still feel like we’re dating. I pray God will sustain us in this bliss and lead us through the sacrificial road ahead. Cheers to many more!>




4 thoughts on “Eleven: in which one stands by one

    • Thank you, Hallie! Time totally flew by–June 1st is about a week away. I’m new to the Catholic blogging scene, but I love your 5 Favorites posts. I’ll be joining in soon!

  1. I am just catching up on blogs so forgive me if this is late… Yay, congrats on everything! I would have never thought to get married while I was in school, so you are a much better at life management than me.

    • Thank you! It wasn’t too bad and it helps that I’m not the bridezilla type. And life management–I don’t think I have it mastered at all, but wedding planning is sort of fun to me

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