Spring has Sprung! and EASTER!

This is a little late, but I gotta say–I’ve been busy. With finishing a Crapstone and getting ready to graduate…

I have a confession to make: Easter is my favorite, not Christmas. I’ve felt this way as long as I can remember and most people don’t understand it. I was even trying to explain it to Daniel. Easter is the signal that Spring is truly here. The stores are full of pastels (my fav) and Easter candy is the best on the planet. My all-time favorite candy are the Lifesaver Gummies, but only the Bunnies & Eggs available at Easter. This year I discovered Cadbury mini eggs which are de-lish-us. 

But more than this, the celebration of Easter gives me hope.  Yes, Christ died, but if He didn’t rise then we would have no reason to believe in Him and worship Him. Easter is a day full of hope.  The whole season of Lent, all forty days of it, are a time of preparation and sacrifice…but on Easter we feast!

This year on Easter we hid about 200 eggs for my younger cousins to hunt.  There were so many eggs that at one point I was just grabbing a handful and dropping them in the grass. Due to budgeting (ugh!) and trying to eat healthier (ugh), Daniel and I just bought ourselves two bags of Easter candy, versus making baskets full of de-lish-us-ness for each other, and called it good. And you know what, we survived!

Easter, spring, pastels…and I’m forgetting my favorite-TULIPS! The TULIPS seem to suddenly appear like BAM! Spring is here! I love everything about tulips, too. Their simple look, vibrant colors, and that they, too, love spring. You know what else? It seems like the colors are more vibrant (you might even say Hi-Def) in the spring. Look around, it’s like even the grass and the trees and the flowers and the birds love spring. I’m not alone…Hop on the Spring wagon and enjoy the season!


Last year’s Easter pic when we got to ride in that little beauty…so fun!


2 thoughts on “Spring has Sprung! and EASTER!

  1. One Easter, when my parents were still trying to figure out American customs, my dad hid hundreds of hard-boiled eggs all over their 25-acre property. Not decorated or anything – just plain, white eggs. He did such a good job that we were finding rotten eggs all over the place for at least another month.

    • That’s hilarious! I don’t think anybody even knows why we hide eggs–just that we do and they should be fake eggs filled with candy. Kudos to your dad, though, for trying!

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