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Birthday Fest!

This week was basically a non-stop celebration for the love of my life’s birthday. We kicked it off with some Korean BBQ and sushi at a local restaurant with his family. Then for his “real” birthday we celebrated with great friends at another local sushi restaurant. Later we got some delicious drinks at Theo’s. Yesterday we drove to Kansas City where there is a ski resort nearby. Crazy, huh? The snow was pretty slushy and melting but it was Daniel’s first time to ski so he didn’t mind. He did great and got up every time he fell. What a trooper! We went to one of our favorite KC restaurants, Cafe Trio, for dinner and it did not disappoint. This morning we hit up EggsTC for a local breakfast. It was okay–we say 7 of 10 stars. Tonight we’ll round out his birthday celebration with a Chinese acrobatics show at the Walton Arts Center. Overall it’s been a wonderful week to celebrate a wonderful husband.





4 thoughts on “Birthday Fest!

  1. Run To Mary says:

    I really like Korean BBQ! Yum! All of the places near us are very authentic, so we always need a Korean friend to come and order for us. 🙂

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