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What do you love?


As I was driving home from class today, I found myself pondering life’s mysteries.  I was thinking about how little we really know people even though we may spend a lot of time with them.  As a future social worker, people will receive my undivided time and attention.  I will be expected to leave my phone, worries, and grocery list aside and focus completely on one person and his/her needs.  This is a magical prospect.  Think of how little time we spend really connecting like that–undistracted–with the ones we love.  I’m sure our relationships would be much richer if we could spend at least 15 minutes a day truly cultivating conversation and enjoying each other’s company.

So two questions came to mind that can help us initiate a deep conversation with someone or at least ponder them for ourself.  1) What/Who do you love? 2) How do you spend your time? Sometimes the answers to these questions may not be ideal or even conflicting.  If I profess to love my spouse, but spend all my time on the phone or out with friends then my love and my actions are in conflict.  If I profess to love God and spend all my time judging others and being selfish then my actions are incongruent with my beliefs.  No matter what our beliefs are, when we answer these questions we can see more clearly the areas in our life that need work.  Now let me ask you: What/Who do you love? and How do you spend your time?


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